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Barcode solution

Packaging industry

In order to carry out strict quality control, food and drug packaging enterprises have begun to adopt more and more advanced automatic tracking technology. Taking drugs as an example, safety and packaging product verification are very important requirements, which have been listed as laws. The packaging industry can use hyuan products to track production data, guide freight transportation, ensure label printing quality, and track shipment. All hyuan scanners can quickly interpret the pharma code.

Retail industry

Now the competition of commercial retail enterprises is not only the competition of price and service, but also the competition of information management. Many domestic retail enterprises are making full use of the existing advanced management and technology at home and abroad, combined with hyuan products, to improve the purchasing technology, distribution technology, warehousing technology and information technology and other key technical capabilities. At present, the feasible solution of management information system is to make full use of bar code technology and bar code equipment to achieve efficient and accurate collection and verification of their corresponding relationship.

Manufacturing industry

As the most economical data file carrier so far, bar code provides a means for manufacturing industry to realize high automation of production management and inventory management. Using a complete set of management solutions based on barcode technology can better improve production efficiency, control inventory, reduce shortage, enhance the timeliness and accuracy of delivery, and improve customer service level.

Document processing

Almost all large document and mail processing businesses include automatic data tracking to improve productivity. The operation speed of modern document processing equipment is very fast, so this kind of equipment must be able to flexibly interpret all kinds of codes, including traditional bar code and data matrix code. Hyuan scanning engine is usually built into document processing equipment to realize data tracking, classification, path, insertion and invoice printing.

Ticket outlets and user terminals

Bar code or two-dimensional code is more and more widely used in ticket outlets and self-service terminals, such as banking equipment, bill payment, movie disc rental, bottle and bottle recycling, lottery purchase, luggage preservation, automatic pharmacy and ticket checking system. The above equipment has a wide range of applications, so it has different space and speed requirements, and is only applicable to the specified coding type. Hyuan can provide a full range of scanners and customized products based on laser scanning and imaging technology to meet the strict data tracking needs of customers.

Medical diagnosis

Medical device manufacturers require 100% data integrity and components that are very reliable and suitable for their devices. Whether it is to identify the tube conveyor, reagent, or enzyme plate, instrument manufacturers rely on the minimum integration cost to achieve the maximum product performance and flexibility. Hyuan focuses on embedded data identification and design of customized products, which can widely meet the customized requirements of customers.

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