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How to classify barcode scanning module by light source?

2021/5/18 14:29:26

Writer: Sunny

Bar code scanning module can be divided into one-dimensional code module and two-dimensional code module according to scanning, and laser bar code scanning module and red bar code scanning module according to light source. The following Rainbow electronic to analyze the difference between laser bar code scanning module and red bar code scanning module:

1. The principle of the laser bar code scanning module is that a laser light source point is produced by the internal laser device, which is hit on a reflector with a mechanical structure device, and then the laser point is formed into a laser line by he vibration motor swing, which is illuminated on the bar code, and then decoded into a digital signal through A-D. The red bar code scanning module usually uses LED light source, relies on CCD sensor, and then through photoelectric signal conversion.

2. Most of the laser bar code scanning modules rely on glue dispensing to fix the mechanical device, so it is often easy to be damaged when it swings, and the swing piece falls off. Therefore, we can often see that some laser guns fall behind, and the scanned light source becomes a point, causing quite high repair cost. There is no mechanical structure in the middle of the red light bar code scanning module, so the anti falling performance is unmatched by the laser, so the stability is better, and the repair rate of the red light scanning module is far lower than that of the laser scanning module.

3. Laser refers to the light with strong stimulated radiation energy and good parallelism. Now most of the red light is emitted by LED. Red light is not the kind of infrared we call it. The physical definition of infrared is the electromagnetic wave spontaneously radiated by the object with temperature, which is invisible. Infrared includes all wavelengths of light larger than red light, while laser refers to a certain wavelength of light. They are not necessarily related and do not belong to the same field.

4. Laser is the radiation produced by the light amplification of stimulated emission. Infrared ray is the part of the spectrum with smaller frequency and larger wavelength that cannot be observed by the naked eye. The wavelength ranges from 0.76 to 400 μ M. according to their wavelength and energy, the penetration and anti-interference performance of red light under strong light is worse than that of laser. Therefore, outdoor laser is better than red light under strong light.

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